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Meet the Doctors


Dr. Bradley Meints

Dr. Brad Meints, a rural Minnesota native, has been providing chiropractic care in our community for over 30 years. He received a medical technology degree and a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from South Dakota State University in Brookings.

He worked at Rapid City Regional Hospital prior to his enrollment and graduation from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. After receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Dr. Meints completed an internship in Shoreview before opening his practice in Pine Island in 1984.

Dr. Meints has mastered a variety of techniques including diversified manual adjusting, Activator Methods instrument adjusting, and most recently, Advanced Biostructural Correction also known as ABC Chiropractic. He has an Advanced Proficiency Rating status in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and has served as Regional Director and is a national instructor for their teaching organization.

Dr. Meints has always enjoyed using the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies such as low level laser therapy, surface EMG, spinal infrared imaging, and digitized range of motion. He enjoys working with people of all ages. What his patients notice most and often say is, "Dr. Brad really cares about me."

If Dr. Brad is not in the office serving patients, he is outdoors farming, hunting, or involved in wildlife management. He is married to Dr. Kristine and has two grown children and three grandsons.


Dr. Kristine Meints

Dr. Kristine Meints, a native Minnesota chiropractor, has been practicing in Pine Island for over 30 years.  She attended the University of Minnesota for her pre-chiropractic educational requirements before enrolling at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1983 just prior to her internship at a women/children's clinic in St. Paul. Following her internship at the Women/children's clinic, she joined her husband, Dr. Brad, in their Pine Island office.

Dr. Kristine is passionate about helping patients find the underlying causes of health conditions.  Nearly every health condition has a nutritional or lifestyle origin, including heart disease, cancer, GERD, IBS, Alzheimer's, hot flashes, etc. She specializes in Nutritional coaching designed to reveal causes of disease and developing a customized solution to restore health, rather than covering up symptoms.

Dr. Kristine has extensive post-graduate training in Pediatric care, nutrition, wellness care. She is currently certified in Nutrition, Pediatric care, and Wellness Care. She holds Advanced Proficiency rating status in Activator Methods Instrument adjusting.

She is especially interested in treating infants and children health concerns such as colic, ear infections, asthma, ADD and ADHD. She has found that better educated patients are healthier patients. She has dedicated time to community education, conducting classes on many topics including children's health, nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, work station management and vaccinations.

Her personal interests include oil painting, quilting, gardening, and nutrition studies. She and Dr. Brad have two grown children, Jacqueline and Dennis. Jacqueline is married to Elijah Parker and has three sons. Denny is married to Amy.


Dr. Danny Grimes

Dr. Grimes is a 2008 graduate of Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, where he achieved his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. Prior to his chiropractic education, Dr. Grimes got his Bachelors Degree from the University of Minnesota in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Grimes originates from Dumont, a small town in western Minnesota. Dumont is a village of 122 people, of whom Dr. Danny is related to 110 of them. Dr. Grimes grew up working for his dad on the farm, where his family primarily raised wheat, corn, soybeans and occasionally alfalfa. Dr. Danny is married to Kelly.  They have two children.  Kelly works as an analyst team leader for the Hartford.

In their free time the Grimes family enjoys summers at Kelly's family's cabin on Lake Chippewa near Alexandria, MN. In the fall and winter, Dr. Grimes is the #1 Minnesota Vikings fan, and can be found enjoying fall Sundays attending games with his family.

Dr. Grimes is Advanced Proficiency Rated with Activator Methods. He has Dr. Grimes has found his background in kinesiology and Sports Medicine to be invaluable in treating athletic injuries.  He has enjoyed teaming with Dr's Brad and Kristine to offer Pine Island the very best chiropractic care available.

Our Pledge to You


  • We will listen to you carefully so that we fully understand your concerns.

  • We will tell you the truth about your current health status and give you recommendations for care that provide the optimum solution for your long term health.

  • We will refer you to other health care providers if we find you are not responding as anticipated or if we suspect you have a condition that warrants care other than what we can provide.

  • We will respect the decisions you make regarding your health even when we do not agree with them.

Chiropractic & Health Services

Activator Methods

The Activator is a small hand held instrument designed for chiropractic adjusting.  Activator Methods Technique was developed in the late 1960's and has grown to be the most widely used 'low force' technique in the profession.  This highly specific method of adjusting has the ability to restore proper spinal/joint movement with incredible safety and comfort.   Activator methods is one of the most scientifically researched techniques in Chiropractic. Read more...

Advanced Biostructural Correction

Advanced Bio-structural Correction, ABC is a unique method of treating back/body pain and it's related dysfunction, developed by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, an engineer turned chiropractor.  He was frustrated that not all of his  patients were able to be helped by traditional chiropractic methods. Through x-ray analysis and review of neuro-surgical reports, Dr. Jutkowitz discovered two sources of potential problems not addressed by most chiropractic treatments.  Read more...

Nutritional Coaching

Certain nutrients need to be taken as supplements.  Certain fats are wonderfully healthy while others are very harmful.  Some fruits/vegetables absorb toxic chemicals and need to be organic, others are relatively clean and are not worth the cost of organic.  Some foods claim to be healthy, yet they are not.  It is difficult to sort out all the nutritional information being thrown at us through advertising and the media.  For this reason Dr. Kristine offers personalized nutritional coaching. Read more...