The New Patient Experience

Patient Forms

We have you begin by filling out forms providing us with general information about yourself and specific information about your health concerns.   You can save time on your first visit by printing and completing them prior to your appointment, please complete in black ink:

New Patient Questionnaire Form 1
New Patient Questionnaire Form 2
Informed Consent Form
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices & Acknowledgement of Receipt Form

Note: Please complete these forms and bring them to your first appointment along with any insurance information if applicable. (we are Out-of-Network providers for all insurance) 


Dr.Kristine Meints or Dr.Danny Grimes will meet with you to discuss your health related concerns as well as your treatment options. This first visit is designed for the doctors to learn more about you, your condition, and your expectations, to determine whether chiropractic care is a logical choice for meeting your goals. 


Following your consultation your doctor will perform computerized spinal screenings and postural analysis. Ladies will wear a gown during the exam to allow the spine to be viewed. Slacks, jeans, shorts and socks can be worn during the evaluation. 

Report of Findings

After the exam we will review your spinal screening results and the treatment recommendations for pain relief and restoration of function. At this time, if we do not believe chiropractic care is your best option, we will direct you to a health care provider better suited to your condition. 


Patients will usually be provided their first treatment at the conclusion of their appointment. This will include an Activator treatment and possible physical therapy, as well as home instructions. Home therapies may include heat, ice application instructions, as well as activities and positions to avoid. Exercises and stretching recommendations will be covered later at the appropriate time during your treatment schedule. 


In this age of high deductibles or lack of insurance coverage we have made affordability a high priority. Our standard new patient exam is a low fee of $99.00. Auto or personal injury exams are more involved, having a higher fee of $159.00. Treatment costs are typically between $45.- $55. Physiotherapy costs range between $25 - $30. Physiotherapy is often not required.