Advanced Bio-structural Correction


What is Advanced Bio-structural Correction?

Advanced Bio-structural Correction, ABC is a unique method of treating back/body pain and it's related dysfunction, developed by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, an engineer turned chiropractor.  He was frustrated that not allof his  patients were able to be helped by traditional chiropractic methods. Through x-ray analysis and review of neuro-surgical reports, Dr. Jutkowitz discovered two sources of potential problems not addressed by most chiropractic treatments.

The first problem area he discovered was adhesions or scar tissue of the meninges. the covering of the brain and spinal cord.  Meningeal adhesions can develop after trauma, repetitive motions, or prolonged poor posture.  The second over looked aspect his research revealed is vertebra that have shifted forward in the body, a direction in which the body cannot self correct.  

Dr. Jutkowititz devised a method in which these two overlooked causes of musculoskeletal 'dis-ease' or discomfort could be corrected, called Advanced Bio-structural Correction.  In this technique the body is stretched in a very specific manner to release the meningeal scar tissue around the brain, spinal cord and the bones that surround them.  It also realigns bones that are in a position that the body cannot self recover. 

How does ABC work?

ABC frees adhesions between the meninges, the brain, spinal cord, and the bones that protect them.  It also realigns bones that are in a position the body cannot self recover.  When adhesions have developed and/or bones are in a position that cannot be recovered, the body will try to protect itself by repositioning other structures and bones in order to balance itself and to protect the nervous system.  Chronic problems occur when the body is no longer able to adapt to the multitude of restrictions.

To correct these issues, a series of manual maneuvers are performed.  Because adhesions/scar tissue are laid down in the body in layers as the injuries occur, the adhesions are corrected or removed in layers as well as the body retraces through former injuries.  This process is repeated over a series of visits that can takes months to years as the body remodels scar tissue.

Who would benefit?

Patients who have had long term conditions that have not responded to other methods of treatment are well suited for ABC.  One might say, 'When all else fails, try ABC.'

Dr. Brad's wife, was his inspiration for mastering ABC.  She had been in four car accidents including being hit and knocked unconscious as a child.  She received temporary relief with tradition care but was physically unable to lift even so much as a purse without causing pain.  Her case was extensive and took nearly three years to recover.  Conversely a six year old patient with fewer injuries took just a few months to complete his care.  Patients are welcome to choose the level of recovery they wish to pursue. 

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique


What is the Activator Methods Chiropractic technique?   

The Activator is a small hand held instrument designed for chiropractic adjusting.  Activator Methods Technique was developed in the late 1960's and has grown to be the most widely used 'low force' technique in the profession.  This highly specific method of adjusting has the ability to restore proper spinal/joint movement with incredible safety and comfort.   Activator methods is one of the most scientifically researched techniques in Chiropractic.

How does the Activator adjusting instrument work?  

The Activator instrument has been specially designed to deliver a controlled, light, and fast thrust to restricted joints in the spine or extremities (arms or legs)  The pre-measured thrust occurs so quickly, it is completed before the body has an opportunity to tighten up or resist the motion.

Adjustments are performed while patients are lying comfortably face down.  Babies and toddlers can be held by a parent.  There is never any twisting of the body or neck with this treatment.  Because of it's comfort and safety, Activator Methods adjustments are appropriate for all ages, newborn to senior citizens, pregnant women to athletes.

Who would benefit from Activator Methods treatments? 

Anyone with musculoskeletal pain would be an excellent candidate for Activator treatments.  Poor posture, prolonged sitting, falls, injuries, stress, scar tissue and repetitive movements all contribute to loss of normal joint motion, which can result in pain and/or decreased range of motion of the affected area. 

Due to the influence spinal nerves have on body function, areas distant to the involved joint can be affected as well.  Headaches, dizziness, ear infections, infant colic, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow, hip, arm or leg pain are all examples of conditions that can be successfully treated with Activator techniques.

If you have any condition not listed here, feel free to call to inquire about your specific problem.  507-356-4014.

Doctor Training 

Any doctor can purchase an Activator but not all doctors are trained to use it.  Activator Methods technique requires a specific protocol to be effective.  Yearly post-graduate training is required to maintain Activator Methods certification.  A basic level of training gives a 'proficiency' rated title to the doctor.  Advanced training results in 'Advanced proficiency' rating status.  Proficiency status of your doctor can be found at  All the doctors at Meints Chiropractic have achieved Advanced proficiency ratings.

Nutritional Coaching                                                   

People may desire to be healthy and eat well, but do not know how.  Outdated, but well known theories such as 'fat is bad' or 'whole grains are really healthy' are ruining the health of our nation.  Illness and disease are often the result of years of poor diet or suboptimal nutrition.

Good nutrition has become more challenging as food is not as nutritious as it used to be.  Most of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is high in calories and very low in nutrition.  A lot of food isn't food at all, but 'junk' providing no nutrients at ALL, just calories. Unfortunately, even 'good food' is not nutritious enough to replenish nutrient depleted bodies.  For this reason nearly everyone has nutritional deficiencies.

Certain nutrients need to be taken as supplements.  Certain fats are wonderfully healthy while others are very harmful.  Some fruits/vegetables absorb toxic chemicals and need to be organic, others are relatively clean and are not worth the cost of organic.  Some foods claim to be healthy, yet they are not.  It is difficult to sort out all the nutritional information being thrown at us through advertising and the media.  For this reason Dr. Kristine offers personalized nutritional coaching.

What is it?

Nutritional coaching is an opportunity to discover how foods and supplements can enhance health. Patients share their health concerns and goals, all current medications and supplements and fill out a health appraisal questionnaire as well as have a comprehensive blood test and urine analysis.   (Our office offers lab tests at wholesale cost)  Interpretation of blood and urine test results is one of the most scientific and measurable ways to identify early warning signs of approaching disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer risk.   A coaching session can be used for learning how to eat in a health enhancing way to prevent disease and to explore solutions for current health problems.  Supplements and lifestyle changes are advised.

Who would benefit?

ANYONE who has future health concerns:  Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's or dementia, will be glad to know that these diseases are largely preventable with dietary and lifestyle changes.  ANYONE currently suffering with symptoms such as acid reflux, IBS, IBD, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, prostatic hypertrophy, etc. should know that these symptom also have nutritional origins. The body has remarkable healing ability if only given the proper nutrients.

WHY NOT food grade vitamins from Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or GNC?   New York Times article, Feb. 2014 revealed that supplements from these discount stores contained little or NONE of the active ingredients promised on the label!  Not only were they not nutritious, but they contained harmful contaminants as well.   We carry supplements that are manufactured with the same rigorous standards as pharmaceutical drugs.  Our supplements are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure potency and purity. 

Doctor Training

Dr. Kristine Meints has taken postgraduate training and examination for Nutritional certification and Wellness certification.  She participates in yearly postgraduate conferences on nutrition and blood work interpretation to obtain the latest research on nutrition and health.